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Fundamental to the K.H.S. vision

In terms of business management, K.H.S. aims to be an exemplary corporation by
encouraging open communication policy within the company and
endorsing fair and strict management of its employees.
Furthermore, K.H.S. established three charitable foundations to finance
performances and sponsor music education for those who cannot afford it on their own.
They are the K.H.S. Affiliated Social Welfare Foundation,
the Shuang-Yan Cultural Foundation, and the K.H.S. Music Education Foundation.
Particularly, the Shuang-Yan Cultural Foundation has been actively in assisting students and in providing
opportunities for young talents in Taiwan to further music education oversea.
Shuang-Yan has also sponsored various domestic art and performance groups, music concerts,
music competitions and Master Class in Taiwan.

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K.H.S. Affiliated Social Welfare Foundation

K.H.S. Affiliated Social Welfare Foundation is established to help some of the most vulnerable groups in society, including children, youth and elderly. For example, the foundation has donated free meals, musical instruments and recruited qualified music teachers to schools in remote areas.

The Shuang-Yan Cultural Foundation

The Shuang-Yan Cultural Foundation aims to provide programs and activities to enhance the artistic and cultural life and vitality of Taiwan and its residents.

The K.H.S. Music Education Foundation

Since 1973, the K.H.S. Music Education Foundation has provided numerous music scholarships to low-income children and youth and sponsored talented music students to attend international music competitions.


K.H.S. will continue to focus and develop the field of music. With its centralized management and service system, K.H.S. aims to strengthen its brand image globally by providing better music service network and deepening its collaborations with partners worldwide. Ultimately, we hope that these steps would not only benefit our customers in terms of music experience but also create a true global community of music lovers.