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Hercules, the Greek divine hero, who accomplished
the Twelve Labors with his great strength and endurance,
is best known as the strongest of all mortals.
Named after this greatest Greek mythical figure,
HERCULES STANDS embodies the characteristics of unequal strength
and power as the most trusted stand brand in the market today.

Brand history

  • The JMS factory was formally established in Tianjin, China. The factory produces musical instrument stands, microphone stands, light stands, and other kinds of hangers.

  • Renowned for its quality control and efficiency, JMS manufactured music products for many famous brands.

  • Hercules was born.

  • Hercules attended NAMM Show and Messe Frankfurt.

  • The JMS factory in Tianjin China received the international certification of ISO 9002 for meeting the industry standards in terms of production and delivery of goods and services.

  • Hercules invented the innovative patterned technology “Auto Grip System”. It can safely lock the user’s instrument in place and minimizes the risk of falling instruments.

  • Additionally, Hercules’s AGS stands and hangers have been reviewed and awarded internationally for their quality. They are proven to be very successful in the market and sold in over millions of units worldwide in 2006.

  • The Quik-N-EZ music stand and microphone stand were introduced.

  • They are the world’s first music and microphone stands that allow their users to adjust the stand height with just one hand.

  • The JMS factory in Tianjin, China was certified with ISO 9001. Hercules’s products are mostly made of non-toxic materials.

  • Hercules’s product lines were voted by American retailers as “Must Buy” (The Music Trades magazine, June 2004)

  • Hercules 2-in-1 microphone stand, AutoLock keyboard stand, Ez-Safe instrument stand, keyboard bench were introduced.

  • Hercules’s 1 millionth instrument stand rolled off the assembly line.

  • Hercules TravLite stand was introduced. It is compact, slim, and easy to be transported.

  • Hercules EZ-Glide music stand and microphone stand were introduced.

  • Hercules EZ-Glide’s unique and innovative Clutchless grip allows its user to adjust height easily with just one hand.

  • Hercules introduced the Home Series guitar stand and music stand.

  • In 2008, Hercules Home Series won 2009 Music & Sound Award’s “Best Guitar Accessory of 2008”

  • With over 30 patents, Hercules has been the leader in the instrument stand technology.

  • Hercules introduced i Stand series stand. It won NAMM’S 2009 BEST IN SHOW AWARD.

  • In the same year, Hercules also introduced EZ-Clutch microphone stand, EZ-Clutch music stand, TravLite saxophone stand and TravLite clarinet stand.

  • Hercules had marketed and distributed its products in over 80 countries around the globe.

  • Hercules TravLite series won 2011 NAMM’s “Best Tools for Schools”.

  • Hercules Percussion Table Stand DS802B won 2013 Music & Sound Award “Best Percussion Accessory”.

  • Hercules introduced computer table and cellphone stands.

  • Hercules introduced TravLite series X-shaped keyboard stand.

  • Customer Stories:
    Hercules Stands came up with a unique adjustable hand clamp fitted to a Hercules MS401B microphone stand for a 9 years old disabled trombone student Matthew Griffiths in UK. This special designed clamp cleverly held Matthew’s trombone firmly in perfect playing place and allowed Matthew, who suffered from Brachial Plexus injury, to play his trombone easier.
    “Now, with the modified stand and clamp, he can play and practice his new instrument with greater freedom and independence. My heartfelt thanks go to everyone involved”, Matthew's mother, Diane.

  • Hercules won 2014 NAMM “Best in Show”.


  • Hercues GS414B guitar stand won UK's Guitarist magazine “Guitarist choice”.

  • Customer Stories:
    “ I’m from Chile, and a week ago we had a big earthquake here, actually one of the biggest in the world history. I live in a 13 floor and in my living room I have two guitars, one acoustic in a regular stand and an electric one in Hercules stand. The earthquake was really big and everything was a mess inside my apartment, all that could felt down did, except my electric guitar that was on a Hercules stand. The Hercules was really more expensive than other one I had but now I realize why.”

  • 2015 Customer testimony:
    “ I own 2 Gibson Les Paul guitars… these guitars are notorious for having a fragile neck due to the wood used. Prior to owning a Hercules Stand I used the traditional stand that does not offer any means of locking the neck in at the top. During a sound check, one day my drummer bumped the old style stand holding my precious guitar and the guitar fell out of the stand and broke/split right at the top.. And what's worse is that this was during our sound check so I had to find a back up guitar and play an entire set on an unfamiliar guitar knowing my favorite guitar was just destroyed. Since then I have used Hercules Stands and I feel very confident that should the stand get bumped again all will be fine thanks to your great engineering with the way your stand locks at the top. Great Job guys! ”

  • Hercules’s newly designed website was launched and Hercules’s visual brand language was also updated.

  • American Grammy Award-winning guitarist Steve Vai became Hercules’s official spokesperson.

  • The AGS PLUS series was introduced. The AGS PLUS series has several improvements over its predecessor. First, it is designed to fit wider range of instrument necks. Second, the re-imagined footpad maximizes friction to prevent sliding. Third, the new “Instant Height Adjustment Clutch” allows for super quick, easy and secure positioning.

  • The world first AGS Ukulele Stand was introduced.