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Business Philosophy

“Sincerity, Trust, Breakthrough, Innovation” are K.H.S.'s corporate core values and “Dedicated to a higher quality of life” has been our motto since 1930.

We firmly believe that the musical instrument industry itself has always been one of the key industries of society that propels humanity forward, because any advancement in musical instrument expands the horizon of human creativity.

Future Development

Achieving a higher quality of life & creating a global music feast

We are very fortunate that we are part of this global music community and our efforts in services and product bring joys to and inspire people around the globe. As K.H.S. looks to the future, it reaffirms its commitment to its founder’s philosophy of “improving quality of life through contributions to school and society” and will continue to provide musical instruments to anyone who wants the joy of playing music themselves as well as to the artists who are destined to create the masterpieces of tomorrow.

Connecting R&D, manufacturing, and distribution

As a major musical instrument manufacturer, K.H.S. continues to seek new ways to improve its R&D capability, thereby ensuring our musical instruments to deliver the best sound quality possible. Moreover, K.H.S. is one of the few companies that is truly vertically integrated. This allows for better product development through K.H.S.'s ability to effectively connect market needs with its manufacturing ability. K.H.S.'s vertical integration also enables strict control of standards in its R&D, manufacturing and distribution ensuring consistency and high quality in its products and services.

Corporate Core Values


Conduct business in an ethical manner, with honesty and integrity each and every day.


Embrace the creative process, focusing on innovation and continuous improvement.


Change the status quo, overcome limitations, and seek improvements.


Think outside-of-box, elevate quality of product, service and production process to create better user experience.

Corporate Strategies


To build own brand and merchandise to the world.


To establish vertical integrated production and sales systems.


To cultivate versatile management talents.


Corporate Commitment


Provide excellent products and services


Offer product assistance & marketing support


Be the stable growing partner


Provide a positive and rewarding work environment


Yield a good investment return